Guest speakers

Dr Sangeeta Mahajan

Consultant Anaesthetist, St Thomas Hospital, London

Working closely with Mental Health education in England

Dr Sajeev Cherian

Director, NT Renal Services

Senior Staff Specialist and Head Senior Lecturer, Flinders University

Dr Tarlok Purewal

MD, FACP Internal Medicine, Ohio Health, USA

Dr Prashant Mathur

Director, National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research

Prof Peter Sandercock


Academic Clinical Neurologist

Emeritus Professor of Neurology, University of Edinburgh

Dr Atul C Mehta


Cleveland Clinic

Dr Nihal Thomas


Professor and Head Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Christian Medical College, Vellore

Dr Prabhakaran Dorairaj

Public Health Foundation of India

Dr J S Thakur

President, World NCD Federation

Chair, World NCD Congress 2017

Professor, PGIMER, Chandigarh

Dr Mammen Chandy

 Director, Tata Medical Hospital, Kolkata

Dr Derek de Sa

Professor, Department of Pathology, University of British Columbia

Mr Rajinder Gupta

Chairman, Trident Group



Come test your acumen against the best and showcase your depth of knowledge. This quiz, with its multiple rounds and wide ranging questions, is sure to test your knowledge to it’s limits and get the quizzer in you excited.This will be a our standout quiz of the event so come register fast!


Come break out of the conventional teaching mould that the education system supports and let’s try a new way.

This is a chance for all of our budding teachers to teach the various diseases in the form of photographs, smartly presented seminars and innovative treaching methods and you get a chance to own the platform and mesmerize people with your in-depth understanding of the topic .


Debating is an art which offers us the chance to experience some really insightful and revealing thoughts on relevant topics.Debating, in it’s true essence, is the most sacred form of discussion.At JWC, we invite all the debaters to come embrace this challenge and give the audience a truly memorable debate to remember forever.


This is our unique take on clinical signs.

Consisting of multiple rounds where participants are expected to identify signs projected on screen, enact signs of diseases,draw signs of diseases given to them and identify disease by a case given based on signs and symptoms of diseases.

This will be a wholesome experience into the world of clinical diagnosis based on signs and symptoms of diseases.


Saw unique case which is only seen in books or a case which just made you stop and think about it?

Take this opportunity to present to the audience a case which will capture their imagination and enhance the understanding of the topic.For all of us expert case presenters, this is the time to show how good you are it!

Pharma Atlas and Pharma Spelling Bee

Let’s take the drug game to another level.

We are sure our take on the traditional game of atlas will resonate with all the participants with special interest in pharmacology and unique world of drugs. We present the Atlas of drugs where you have the chance to showcase your knowledge of all the unpronounceable drugs and their spellings.Show your sizzling drug chemistry and experience the brain pharming with all the known and rate drugs .


They say research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought. We present the an event that is held in high regard by the scientific community, the research paper presentation.

Here is a platform for our young budding researchers to share their ideas and benefit from this exchange of new ideas. We look forward to seeing your research backed by statistics, case studies, experiments and/or posters. Inviting everyone with the ideas which they think can be the stepping stone towards something new. Participants can take part in this event on an individual basis or in team consisting of 2 members.


Under this event, participants will be given a scenario, in which they are accused of any imaginary medical negligence. They will be under spotlight, sitting on a chair and facing media(who is ready to storm the accused doctor with questions). The media or the question asker will be formed by other participants taking part. A variety of questions can be asked, including leading questions. The person under spotlight has the choice to skip any three questions he/she wishes not to answer or he/she feels the question to be insulting. If no question is left unanswered, there will be bonus points. Participants will be marked on their overall presentation, confidence, presence of mind, calmness, wit, eye contact and ability to justify his/her negligence.

Academic guidelines

Please go through the Academic guidelines for submission of abstracts for 4 competitions ( research paper, research e-poster, case presentation & clinical photo assay) which are given on this google drive link

Medical-Model United Nation(MUN)

Presenting to you all,the standout academic event of JWC19 Model united nations.Prepare yourself to unleash the leader and decision maker in you and be responsible for deciding the future course of world action on health.

We will be simulating World Health Organisation ,the premier decision making body on all issues related to health.It will be 50 members committee ,with each individual representing one country.Single delegation will be allowed that is one person gets to represent one country and all the rules will be standard protocols .

This is your chance to get an engrossing experience of debating and policy making .The event will be a one day event with the ideal aim towards preparing a resolution to combat the issue at hand.

The topic will be revealed in due course and names will be taken on first come basis.

So hurry and stay tuned for more updates.